Paddy Festival

Paddy Festival is held in the village of Adirangam may month last week in the last six months of the year. 2 kg free is offered to the traditional rice seed. They need to produce paddy using the rice. After producing 4 kg of rice seed should be returned to “namadhu nellai kaapom”. So far more than 13000 farmers have been given traditional paddy seeds. The farmers from Kanyakumari to Chengalpattu districts meet each year. Many NGOs have now started to work on this

The purpose of paddy festival

Western thought has made it hard for our traditional agriculture. Today, the Western civilization buries our nutritious food. Young people think pizza is a sign of our civilization. The result? It is rare to see women who do not have more than 40 years of age. India is the headquarters of diabetes and India, with children infected with nutrients. The main objective of the Paddy Festival is to revive traditional rice varieties with traditional nutrient foods that are of red and black rice.

Project objectives
1. To create a stage for the rice farmers to come together, share and exchange traditional paddy
seeds and farming knowledge.
2. To motive the farmers from other region to identify traditional paddy varieties available in their
areas and document its features and disseminate the information among them.
3. To reestablish climate tolerant, location specific, popular rice varieties which are having all
nutritional, vitamins and minerals and medicinal value.
4. To sensitize the State on the importance of saving our traditional local rice varieties and follow
up support upscaling it.

Paddy Seeds Record

S.No. Year No. of traditional paddy seeds distributed No. of farmers benefited
1 2005-06 16 425
2 2006-07 26 1116
3 2007-08 28 1629
4 2008-09 47 2016
5 2009-10 51 2320
6 2010-11 53 2860
7 2011-12 63 3452